Dr. Patel’s Story

Beloved father and grandfather, 71-year-old radiologist Dr. Girish Patel has 2 children, 4 grandchildren and has been married to his college sweetheart for 47 years. Girish, Grandpa, immigrated to the United States in 1974, became a citizen in 1984 and has a long history of helping others through his 150-employee medical practice, Rotary club and the Indian Community.

12 years ago, Grandpa had an episode of bleeding in his stomach which resulted in additional testing. The doctors found that due to familial health history and a pain medication NSAID taken due to arthritis in the knee joints after an ankle fracture, his kidneys were damaged. Unfortunately, this progressive kidney disease became stage 5 failure in May 2018 and Grandpa began undergoing nightly (8 hour) peritoneal dialysis since. This limited Grandpa’s opportunity to travel and live a normal life during his golden years.

Fortunately, a hero donor was a catalyst for life and provided him a kidney.

My dad is one of the hardest working men I’ve ever known ever since I was little. I feel like he was always working hard for us, for our family, to provide for us, to build something and to help people.

Shivani, Daughter

He’s a great, loving, very dedicated man. We have been married for over 47 years. He’s a very well qualified doctor and he has really done good for a lot of people.

Pragati, Wife

He is someone who’s always seen through his responsibilities and now he needs us to rise up for him, but he’s also always understated, right? He’ll never ask for someone to do something for him.

Abhi, Son


Some of the benefits to being a living donor include:

Giving a life back to someone special makes it possible for them to pay it forward and live a productive life!

The recipient will cover all of your expenses including lost wages, travel expenses, child care, medical expenses, etc.

Peace of mind that living kidney donors thrive with one kidney, just as they did with two kidneys.

Medical coverage for kidney-related health needs – for life.

Warranty for Life – all hero kidney donors go to the very top of the list if they ever were to need a kidney themselves.


Freedom from Dialysis

Not having to be connected to a machine, nightly for 8 hours, to live.


Ability to enjoy what many of us take for granted without dialysis taking control.


The ability to eat normal food.


No restrictions on drinking sufficient water.


Lifespan is drastically increased as the recipient of a live kidney donation.


Being able to continue travel, spend time with his grandchildren and be productive in all aspects of life.


A return to a normal, healthy lifestyle.